Meet Mari Barke

As a teacher and parent of students who have graduated from Orange County schools, I understand that all children deserve a high quality education. My husband and I grew up in our local community and I want to continue to give back by making our public education system better.

I am running to be a champion for our children by ensuring that the focus is on students, families, and local community members, not special interest groups. Parents should be making educational choices for their children, not politicians and bureaucrats.


Additionally, I have volunteered with the following organizations over the past 10 years:

  • National Charity League;

  • Fisher House (Helping Military & Veterans’ Families);

  • Cypress College, Business and Computer Information System, Advisory Committee Member;

  • Hillsdale College, President’s Club & Parents Association Steering Committee;

  • Los Alamitos Chamber of Commerce; and

  • Cypress Chamber of Commerce


My Bachelor’s Degree is in Finance and I will utilize my education to see that public schools are held accountable to provide a high quality education, be fiscally responsible, and transparent. I will be an advocate for public education including local community schools and local public charter schools.

I am passionate about public education in Orange County but believe that our public education system is failing many students. As your Orange County Board of Education Trustee, I will:

  • Make certain that every student can read, write, and speak English at or above grade level.

  • Improve the quality of math, science, and technological education.

  • Fight to keep our tax dollars in local schools and not in the Sacramento bureaucracy.

  • Hold politicians accountable for the education of the children in Orange County.

  • Make our schools safer for all students.

Education in Orange County should start with giving parents a choice of where to send their children. If your local public school is not fulfilling its duty, you should have a choice to move to a different community public school or public charter school. I want every parent and child to have choices when it comes to their education.