Making our schools safer should be a priority and Mari Barke is the best person to ensure the safety of our students.
— Sandra Hutchens, Orange County Sheriff
Orange County has a lagged behind neighboring counties in the number of charters schools and the board is in need of unwavering advocates for educational choice. Barke is that advocate.
— Orange County Register

Read The Orange County Register's full endorsement.

When talking with her, or reading her campaign materials, she not only shows a command of the issues, she understands the people behind those issues and their struggles.
— Shelley Henderson, Orange County Breeze

Read The Orange County Breeze's endorsement. 

Education Leaders

Bill Evers – Former Assistant Secretary at U.S. Department of Education

Linda Lindholm – Orange County Board of Education Trustee, Area 5

Ken Williams - Orange County Board of Education Trustee, Area 3

Ryan Bent - North OC Community College District, Trustee Area 7

Steve Blount – North OC Community College District, Trustee Area 3

Alexandria Coronado – Former Orange County Board of Education Trustee

Diana Hill – Clerk, Los Alamitos Unified School Board

Jim Cunnen – President Fountain Valley School District

Jenna Biggs – Youngest Elected School Board Trustee in the Country

Ceci Iglesias – School Board Trustee, Santa Ana Unified


Orange County Charter Advocates for Great Public Schools

The New Majority


The Lincoln Club of Orange County

The Family Action PAC


Hispanic 100

California Charter Schools Association Advocates

Gen Equity PACs of Gen Next


County Leaders

Claude Parrish – Orange County Assessor

Sandra Hutchens – Orange County Sheriff

Michelle Steel – Orange County Supervisor, District 2

Shawn Nelson – Orange County Supervisor, District 4

Jim Silva – Orange County Supervisor (Ret.)

National & State Leaders

Janet Nguyen - State Senator, 34th Senate District

Patricia Bates - State Senator, 36th Senate District

John Moorlach – State Senator, 37th Senate District

Scott Baugh – Former Assembly Leader

Steven Choi – State Assembly Member, 68th District

Travis Allen – State Assembly Member, 72nd District, Candidate for Governor

Bill Brough – State Assembly Member 73rd District

Matthew Harper - State Assembly Member 74th District

Diane Harkey - Chairwoman, CA Board of Equalization

Mimi Walters – U.S. Representative – 45th Congressional District

Dana Rohrabacher – U.S. Representative – 48th Congressional District

City Leaders

Troy Edgar – Mayor of Los Alamitos

Mark Chirco – City Council, Los Alamitos

Shelley Hasselbrink – City Council, Los Alamitos

Warren Kusumoto - Mayor Pro Tem of Los Alamitos

Richard Murphy - City Council, Los Alamitos

Dean Grose – Former Mayor, Councilman, Los Alamitos

Allan Mansoor – City Council, Costa Mesa

Rob Johnson – City Council, Cypress

Mike Posey – Mayor of Huntington Beach

Ed Sachs – Mayor of Mission Viejo

Will O’Neill – Mayor Pro Tem of Newport Beach

Scott Peotter – City Council, Newport Beach

Fred Whitaker – City Council, Orange and Chairman OC Republican Party

Tony Beall – City Council, Rancho Santa Margarita

Pam Patterson – City Council, San Juan Capistrano

Ellery Deaton – Mayor Pro Tem of Seal Beach

David Shawver – Mayor, Stanton

Tri Ta – Mayor of Westminster

Tyler Diep – Mayor Pro Tem of Westminster

Tara Campbell - Mayor Pro Tem of Yorba Linda

Civic & Community Leaders

Steven Bailey – Judge (Ret.)

Leroy Mills – Lt. Col. USAF, Ret. Cypress Mayor 2011, 2014

Noreen Curry – Community Member and School Teacher

Ed Laird – Community Member

Ed Munson – President/CEO Cypress Chamber of Commerce

Jo Reitkopp – President/CEO MCGAUSA

Theresa Sherrin – Community Member

Carolyn Ben – Chair of Lincoln Club Women’s Leadership

Deanne Tate - President/CEO Veterans First OC

Craig Huey - Businessman

*Partial List

Mari with Lisa Lindholm at the OCBE

Mari with Lisa Lindholm at the OCBE

Mari Barke, with her experience as a parent who sent her children through local schools, will be an outstanding representative for parents and students. She has a unique perspective that is needed on our Orange County Board of Education.
— Linda Lindholm, Orange County Board of Education Trustee
Orange County needs Mari Barke on the Board of Education to help improve the quality of education in our local public schools.
— Michelle Steel, Orange County Supervisor